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Justice Party MP calls for cops who take their own lives to be honoured alongside those who die in action

Police officers who take their own lives should be added to the official police honour roll according to a former cop and member of Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party.

State MP Stuart Grimley raised the idea, which would see those who take their own life due to work-related mental health issues added to the Wall of Remembrance.

He told Neil Mitchell it was important to remember those members who died through suicide.

“It’s recognising the service and the sacrifice these police officers have made to their communities over their careers.”

The plan would be similar to the current New South Wales model in which families of suicide victims apply for their names to be honoured.

“They would have to go through a process of application to have their names on the wall,” Mr Grimley said.

“Then the department would go through WorkCover, and go through the situation and the circumstances behind that officer to see if those mental health struggles were as a result of the duties they performed.”

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