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Justin Smith is less than convinced about a cycling study coming out of the UK

A study out of the UK has found people who cycle to work regularly half their chance of getting cancer.  

Conducted over a five year period, the research involved around 250,000 commuters.

Justin Smith calls BULLTISH. 

Stephen Hodge, of the Cycling Promotion Fund, thinks the study just reinforces the benefits of physical activity. 

‘If you do the things you do every day in a more active way, you get significant benefits out of it,’ Mr. Hodge told 3AW Breakfast. 

He says the convenience of using exercise as a means of getting to work makes it more motivating.

‘Who has time to fit something else into your day.’

Mr. Hodge also thinks we need to invest in safe pathways to encourage more people to ride to work.

‘In countries that have very high cycling, they also love their cars. 

‘It is about providing some options that are convenient and safe for people.’

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