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Kane Cornes blasts Rory Sloane suspension

Kane Cornes has criticised the Match Review Panel for its suspension of Rory Sloane.

Sloane was suspended for the big Round 23 clash with West Coast for a late spoil on Brad Ebert during last week’s Showdown that drew blood.

The Match Review Panel said it was a careless strike, and offered Sloane one week.

Sloane would have missed a final if he has challenged unsuccessfully.

Cornes slammed the MRP’s outcome, saying the collision was ‘a total accident’. 

‘If you freeze-frame when he makes contact, he is centimetres away from the ball,’ Cornes said.

‘If he missed a Grand Final for that, or missed a Brownlow, it’s not right.’

Cornes said Sloane would have been cleared if Brad Ebert didn’t bleed.

This led to a discussion on how much the outcome of the act should impact the penalty.

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