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Kane Cornes slams the timing of the AFL’s abolishment of the third man up

Kane Cornes has slammed the timing of the AFL’s rule changes.

The AFL this banned teams from putting a third man in a ruck contest, but Cornes says teams should have been told before their lists were finalised.

The Power legend told Sports Today the Bulldogs won the flag by using the tactic to cover their ruck deficiency.

‘For someone that doesn’t have a recognised ruckman, the trade period’s gone, the draft’s gone,’ Cornes said.

‘If the big ruckmen are back in vogue, it’s late for the clubs to find out about a significant rule change.’

But Cornes said the change ultimately won’t affect the game as a spectacle. 

‘I certainly don’t go to a game hoping to see a great third man up,’ he said.

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