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Kangaroos wandering into residential yards amid dry start to the year

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Kangaroos have been wandering into residential areas of Melbourne in search of food and water, as the city experiences the driest start to the year in more than five decades.

Residents in the Melbourne suburbs of Doreen, Reservoir, Craigieburn, Heidelberg, Eltham and South Morang have reported seeing scores of kangaroos in their neighbourhoods.

Andrew Cameron, volunteer with The Wildlife Rescuers, said his team are being called to rescue many more injured kangaroos in Melbourne’s suburbs than usual.

“They’re on the lookout for green grass because everywhere is just so dry at the moment,” he said.

“They’re coming into estates because everybody’s front yards are full of green grass. By doing that they’re crossing roads and getting hit by cars.”

Mr Cameron warned that kangaroos can be protective of their mobs and joeys.

“I wouldn’t recommend walking up to a kangaroo,” he said.

There has been just 46mm of rainfall so far this year. The average rainfall expected at this time of year is 57.3mm.

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