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Karen Inge’s tips on choosing healthier Easter treats

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Choosing healthy treats isn’t always easy, so nutritionist Karen Inge has shared her top tips on how to pick healthier Easter chocolates.

Karen advised that when shopping for chocolate it’s important to look beyond marketing claims and read the ingredients list.

She said while some chocolates are labelled as low sugar, many of the lowest sugar chocolates aren’t labelled as healthier options.

“You’re really better off, if you want to get a low sugar one, to buy dark chocolate,” she said.

“Dark chocolate is naturally vegan because there’s no milk solids in it.”

Karen’s top tip was to practice self restraint.

“My advice really is just watch portion control,” she said.

When it doubt, Karen said dark chocolate is always a healthier option than milk or white chocolate.

Some of Karen’s top healthier Easter picks were:

  • Monsieur Truffe dark chocolate bunnies: These are very low in sugar, but the low sugar content isn’t advertised on the front.
  • Chocolatier fairtrade sugar free dark chocolate Easter egg: This one is the lowest sugar egg Karen could find, and it was Darren’s favourite!
  • Ganache dairy free dark chocolate bunny: This one is beautiful, but of course it’s dairy free because it’s dark chocolate.

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