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Karen Inge’s tips for healthy snacks for the school lunchbox

Denis Walter

With many Victorian students heading back to school this week, parents will be looking for creative, healthy snacks for the school lunchbox and there’s plenty of rules when it comes to what to avoid.

3AW Afternoons nutritionist Karen Inge shared some tips with Denis Walter.

“The point I want to make is, it really is a significant addition to a child’s diet,” she told Denis Walter.

“The school lunchbox will represent a third or a quarter of their daily nutritional meals, you can’t just wing it.”

Karen’s tips for school snacks:

  • Cut up the fruit if they’re active and just want to play at recess and lunchtime instead of assuming they’ll eat a whole apple or orange
  • Pack a fresh dip with vegetables – cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, celery sticks with hummus or beetroot dip
  • Yoghurt (consider freezing it overnight)
  • Small frittatas
  • Hard boiled egg (if the school allows)
  • Dried fruits

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Denis Walter