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Karl Langdon hits Daniel Chick with both barrels over West Coast drug claims

Former West Coast star Karl Langdon has hit Daniel Chick with both barrels, accusing the 2006 premiership player of telling lies during a fierce defence of his former club and its medical staff.

Grand final week was thrown into chaos on Thursday when Chick revealed an alleged culture of prescription and illicit drug abuse at the Eagles during the 2006 season.

West Coast has strongly denied the ‘unsubstantiated’ claims made by Chick in the Herald Sun, saying they were ‘offended and extremely disappointed’ with the content, timing and publication of the article.

Langdon, also a premiership player with the Eagles, did not hold back when asked what he thought of it on Sports Today.

The 6PR commentator spanked Daniel Kerr on 3AW earlier this year over a similarly controversial interview, but said Chick had surpassed the ‘stupidity’ of his former teammate.

‘This bloke’s a bigger moron, to be totally honest,’ Langdon said on 3AW.

‘I couldn’t trust him (Chick) as far as I could kick him and looking at him, I don’t think that would be very far.’

Langdon seriously questioned the credibility of Chick’s claims.

‘I believe there’s a lot of lying going on in that particular article I’ve read,’ he said.

‘Some of the statements made in there? I just sit there shaking my head.’

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