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Katherine’s ‘feisty’ mayor says getting an apology from Greg Hunt has been a ‘drawn out’ process

The so-called feisty mayor of Katherine says she had been waiting for six months for an apology from the Federal Health Minister after what she claims was an allegedly expletive tirade last December.

But Faye Miller’s certainly living up to the description in the process.

During a private meeting around a new health package for Katherine, Cr Miller was pressing Greg Hunt on whether it was enough funding.

But she says the meeting turned.

“I guess the minister probably now knows this is an example of feisty,” she told Neil Mitchell.

The Flinders MP has since called Cr Miller to apologise for the spirited meeting. He repeated his apology in parliament today.

“I thanked him for apologising, it’s just been very long and drawn out,” she said.

And when Neil gave her the dictionary definition of feisty: normally a relative small person, lively, determined and courageous, it got a strong reaction.

“I absolutely LOVE that description, thank you!”

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