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Katie Dower reviews Le Diner En Blanc, Melbourne 2016

On Saturday night I joined over 1500 Melburnians from all over the city, to experience one of the chicest picnic’s going around.

With a dress code of white, head to toe (that went for the gents, too), along with specific requirements about BYO tables, chairs, pre-ordered drinks and gourmet hampers, I was initially curious as to why there was such demand for an event that commanded so much forward planning and work for its ‘guests’?

However, on arrival at the ‘secret’ location at Waterfront City Docklands at 7pm on Saturday evening, I instantly understood its broad appeal.

The sea of white was completely ethereal, and the uniformed rows of BYO tables and chairs seamlessly created an incredibly stylish scene.

It was fun, unexpected and breathtaking, from the very French hampers laden with macaroons and baguettes, the endless bottles of Pommery champagne, to the spontaneous group waving of white napkins and the Parisian tunes on the dance floor.

It must be noted though, that the French – for who Le Diner En Blanc is a great tribute to – are not known for ‘alternate plans’, so in the event of bad weather the night might not have felt quite so special, and could have ended up in the Guinness World Records for the largest en masse wet t-shirt competition.

Either way, I have my hand firmly up in the air for next year’s Le Diner En Blanc Melbourne offering.