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Ken Hinkley challenges Caro’s ‘arrow’ on Charlie Dixon

Port Adelaide coach Ken Hinkley has gone into bat for star forward Charlie Dixon following criticism from Caroline Wilson.

She gave Dixon “the arrow” on Footy Classified on Monday night.

Hinkley responded on 3AW.

Caroline Wilson: “It’s come to my attention you weren’t overly thrilled with my comments about Charlie Dixon last night on Footy Classified?”

Ken Hinkley: “I wasn’t Caroline, you’re right. We’ve had that conversation.

“Unfortunately, I think Charlie was probably given a little bit of unfair treatment, given the way he’s played all season and he’s been the first player who’s been victim of a 30-second rule that we haven’t actually seen policed incredibly closely.

“He’s probably paid a price.

“If he’d gone back, taken the shot and kicked the goal he might have been viewed a bit differently.”

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