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Kids call Neil Mitchell with warning over mobile phone ban

It won’t work.

That was the overwhelming message from students to Neil Mitchell this morning following news that the state government plans to ban mobile phones from public schools.

The ban is an attempt to curb cyber-bullying and minimise distraction (scroll down for the full pitch from the policy’s engineer, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, pictured above).

But several students this morning told Neil Mitchell students will find a way around it.

They said laptops, iPads and smart watches, paired with VPNs to overcome WiFi limitations, can do the same job as their banned phones.

“It’s not going to work and doesn’t stand a chance,” one student, Kane, said.

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But the engineer of the policy, leading child psychologist and 3AW Mornings regular Michael Carr-Gregg, told Neil Mitchell that reaction was predictable.

He says private schools that already have the policy overcame initial resistance and now boast improved results.

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