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Kids devastated after pets were killed in school break-in at Rosebud

The community has rallied around a Rosebud school vandalised on the weekend.

Rosebud Primary School pupils were left devastated after vandals ransacked the Before and After School Care room, smashing a fish tank and killing the children’s pet fish.

A TV, DVD player, laminator, and phone were broken, and stationery was destroyed.

A vacuum cleaner also burnt out in the clean-up process.

With Neil Mitchell’s help, the local community has rallied behind the school and pitched in to replace the items.

Acting principal Stephen Fisher told Neil he’s overwhelmed by the generosity.

‘I haven’t been able to deal with it, to tell you the truth,’ Mr Fisher said.

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Five youths have been questioned over Saturday night’s break-in.

A 16-year-old has been charged and bailed on a string of offences, while four others are expected to be charged on summons.

The fish tank.

The fish tank. Photo: Facebook

The three fish were found the next day.

The three fish were found the next day. Photo: Facebook