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Kittens speaks out: ‘We’re still safe and fun’

Strip club Kittens insists its still safe for customers, despite being targeted by drive-by shootings and arson attacks.

Police believe a bikie turf war over security contracts is to blame for a firebombing that destroyed the Caulfield premises yesterday

That came after the South Melbourne club was targeted in two drive-by shootings starting later last year.

A spokesperson for the strip clubs, who wished to remain anonymous, told Neil Mitchell they recently changed security companies after learning of a threat from a bikie group. 

But he says staff and customers aren’t the targets of the attacks. 

‘(The South Melbourne club) is still a safe, fun, happy place to a have a good night out,’ he said.

‘We’ve been open 17 years … and we’ll make Caulfield better than it was before.’

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