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Kiwi urges UN to choose Helen Clark over Kevin Rudd as Secretary-General

Kevin Rudd has formally asked the Turnbull government to endorse his nomination for United Nations Secretary-General.

His bid will now be considered by Cabinet.

But he’ll have to overcome a strong bid from former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark.

Kiwi politician Joel Rowan told Neil Mitchell Clark has a proven record as an effective leader.

‘Although I didn’t agree with all of her policies, she got things done,’ the former president of the Young Nationals said.

‘Her leadership was very strong and stable, compared to what looked to me to be chaos during Kevin Rudd’s two stints in charge.’

Neil said the government cannot credibly endorse the Rudd bid. 

‘If Malcolm Turnbull’s Cabinet supports Kevin Rudd, then their credibility is gone,’ he said.

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