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Kylie Blackwood’s accused killer subject to courtroom outburst from politician


The man charged with Kylie Blackwood’s murder has been subjected to a dramatic courtroom outburst from a Victorian politician, who says he’d do it again.

Liberal MP Brian Paynter stood up and pointed at Scott Allan Murdoch in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Tuesday, telling him ‘he’d pay’ for his crimes and calling Murdoch a ‘gutless coward.’

The Member for Bass said he was a close friend of the Blackwood’s and said he attended court as a private citizen and not as a politician.

He’s since been told by the court he’s not welcome to attend further hearings involving the case.

‘I didn’t make a scene, it wasn’t aggressive and I just told him what was on my mind,’ Mr Paynter said.

Murdoch, 38, barely reacted while being led back into custody.

He was ordered to reappear on August 16.

The Morwell man was arrested last Friday, accused of murdering the Pakenham mum in her home in 2013.

BELOW: Brian Paynter speaks with officers outside court.