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Labelling chocolate as halal certified provides consumers with product information says marketing expert

Pauline Hanson has appealed to people not to buy Cadbury Easter eggs because they’re halal certified.

Marketing expert at RMIT, Professor Con Stavros, told Neil Mitchell that labelling chocolate as halal certified is just providing the consumer with product information.

‘They’re being quite open and transparent, I think that’s quite appropriate for Cadbury to be able to do that and of course people can make their choice from there’

Professor Stavros said some brands use halal certification to gain an advantage over their competition and Cadbury can put the issue to bed.

‘I can understand why Pauline Hanson wants the publicity, I don’t’ quite get the connection to the Islamification of Australia that brings, I think Cadbury can bring that to an end pretty quickly just by making a very quick statement about what it is, why they do it and why it’s a piece of consumer information’, he said.

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