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Labor blocks same-sex marriage plebiscite

Labor has officially blocked the Coalition’s same-sex marriage plebiscite.

But Neil Mitchell has questioned the party’s motive.

Bill Shorten announced on Tuesday Labor would vote against Malcolm Turnbull’s ‘expensive, divisive, unnecessary and harmful’ plebiscite.

The opposition leader said Labor wanted to ‘achieve marriage equality in the fastest, cheapest, least harmful way possible.’

‘That is nonsense,’ Neil Mitchell said.

‘Bill Shorten doesn’t mean that for a moment.

‘What he’s doing is making political mileage out of it and, in the meanwhile, that means delaying any hope of marriage equality.

‘I don’t agree with the plebiscite, either, and think the parliament should be deciding.

‘However, the government very clearly went to the people saying there would be a plebiscite and the people voted for that government.

‘Therefore, they’ve got a mandate to introduce a plebiscite.

‘Bill Shorten doesn’t care ? they don’t care about marriage equality ? they’re making political mileage of it, I’m afraid.’

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