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Labor leader calls for ‘certainty and transparency’ from government in face of the coronavirus pandemic

Labor leader Anthony Albanese says he’s aiming to be as “constructive” as possible during the coronavirus pandemic.

The opposition leader told Tom Elliott he was open to being included on any special cabinet or committee created, but that decision was “up to the Prime Minister”.

He said there was anxiety in the community right now, which called for “certainty and transparency” from politicians.

“The feedback I’m getting is that one of the reasons why people are anxious is that there are these updates every day,” Mr Albanese said.

“Now, there are circumstances as to why that’s occurring, and I’m not being necessarily critical of all of those changes and inevitably there will be some change going through.

“But I think when people hear information and advice today that changes tomorrow, that creates some doubt in their minds as to whether that’s the final advice, or not.”

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(Photo by Tracey Nearmy/Getty Images)