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Labor MP Peta Murphy opens up about her cancer battle

Just a few weeks after being sworn in to Federal Parliament Peta Murphy received some bad news.

The Labor MP for Dunkley learnt she had breast cancer for a second time.

Ms Murphy first fought the disease in 2011, now it’s back.

She told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell her decision to reveal her health battle in parliament wasn’t an easy one.

“It was pretty daunting,” she said.

“Politics is not the sort of environment where people are willing to show they’re vulnerable.”

But Ms Murphy said she has no intention of quitting politics while she receives cancer treatment.

“I can do both,” she said.

“I worked very, very hard to get elected.

“There are so many people out there that get up every morning and go to work and are in much worse condition than me, and are sicker than I am.

“I have an opportunity, in this job, to be their voice.”

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