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Labor Senator called a ‘terrorist, monkey’ by far right group

Labor Senator Sam Dastayri says he was frightened and intimidated after he was ambushed by members of a far-right patriot group.

Mr Dastayri was at a pub in Footscray promoting his book when he was accosted last night.

He was called a terrorist and a monkey.

“This is where politics is heading in this country,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“I cop a lot abuse, I cop a lot of hate, I probably cop more than other people do because I am a little outspoken.”

He said that sort of behaviour should be called out.

Neil Erikson, one of the members of the group who abused Mr Dastayri, said he was a sook.

He denied it was offensive to call him names and that he crossed the line.

“He called me a redneck, which is actually a racist slur,” he said.

“So I turned around and called him a terrorist. I think it’s fair, he had no evidence to show I’m a redneck.

“We just wanted to put him on show.”

Both the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull have condemned the racist tirade.

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