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Lambie’s roast: How power broker MP tried to convince union boss John Setka to resign

Senator Jacqui Lambie has revealed the extraordinary lengths she has gone to in an attempt to convince union boss John Setka to step down.

The Morrison government’s ‘Ensuring Integrity’ bill, which is relying on Ms Lambie’s support to pass the Senate, is pushing to create a list of criminal offences which provide grounds for automatic disqualification from a union.

But Ms Lambie says she won’t support the bill if Mr Setka resigns.

“The reason this legislation is being put into place is for bloody John Setka, let’s be honest,” she told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

“He’s been a goddamn meathead and I’ve just about had a gut full of him.

“If the problem was removed then you wouldn’t have the legislation.”

Ms Lambie said she’s gone to great personal lengths to convince Mr Setka to stand down.

“I cooked him a roast lamb down in Tasmania … the Sunday before I had to come up to parliament after I got elected,” she said.

“I tried to sugar him up, sweeten him up with coke and cream and everything else.

“I sat there for four hours one-on-one at a table with him, telling him why he had to resign.

“Then I went back about three or four weeks ago and spent another four hours with him, telling him to resign.

“I put it all on, even silver service!”

But, despite her best efforts, Ms Lambie hasn’t been able to convince the union boss to resign.

“Still haven’t got him over the line,” she said.

Ms Lambie shared a parting message for Mr Setka.

“If that bill goes through, Mr Setka, it is simple; you will not be able to stay on the line and you will be removed anyway.

“So stop putting people through all the heartache!”

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