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Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin yet to reveal exact details about battle with mental illness

One of Australia’s leading psychologists admits it’s strange Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin is yet to reveal exact details about his battle with mental illness.

But Dr Michael Carr-Gregg told 3AW Mornings it was up to the champion footballer to decide whether or not doing so would be beneficial to his health.

Franklin spoke publicly for the first time this week about his well-documented battle with mental issues that saw his season with the Swans end prematurely.

But he did not mention any specifics about the condition he had been managing.

‘It’s very odd and I think it buys into the stigma around mental health,’ Dr Carr-Gregg told Neil Mitchell.

‘I’d much prefer for him and the club to come out and say what was actually wrong.

‘However, you have to respect his right to privacy and if he has decided that it’s best for him at the moment to not go into details ? then so be it.’

Dr Carr-Gregg said Franklin’s decision to get help could be a ‘game-changer’ for men’s mental health in Australia.

‘Here is a very well-known person ? who was struggling ? who asked for help,’ he explained.

‘He put his hand up, admitted he needed help and got it.

‘And he’s now saying it’s the best decision he ever made.

‘This could potentially be a real game changer for men’s mental health in Australia.’

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