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Victoria records promising new COVID-19 dip but Premier says it’s too early to ease most restrictions

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Victoria has recorded its equal-lowest number of new daily coronavirus cases since the COVID-19 outbreak began.

There was only one new case in the previous 24 hours, a return to Friday’s low mark.

The death toll remains at 15.

Premier Daniel Andrews told 3AW’s Ross and John testing has been ramped up significantly, making today’s low figure even more significant.

“We did about 3500 tests on Friday, 3500 tests on Saturday and it’ll be a similar number yesterday,” he said.

But Mr Andrews urged Victorians to continue to take coronavirus restrictions seriously, saying countries which have eased restrictions too quickly have been forced to impose tougher lockdowns after spikes in transmission.

“This is still very, very fragile and we’ve got to stay the course on this,” he said.

“There might be some rules that we can let off a little bit, but we’ve to to be very careful not to give back all the progress we have made.

“The notion of international travel any time soon, we are not going to see that.”

Mr Andrews also warned that pubs, bars and restaurants are unlikely to be reopened any time soon.

“They were closed for a reason. They were closed because all they do is have people in close quarters, people spreading the virus.”

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