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‘Laughable’: Tom Elliott’s take on latest Labor Party scandal

The Labor Party has moved quickly to distance itself from the alleged behaviour of now former state party powerbroker Adem Somyurek, but Tom Elliott says – if proven true – it’s “laughable” to suggest nobody else knew what was going on.

Mr Somyurek resigned from the party on Monday morning as Premier Daniel Andrews and federal Labor leader Anthony Albanese moved to kick him out of the party.

Mr Somyurek has been accused of “branch stacking” on a major scale, a claim he is fiercely rejecting.

He resigned over homophobic, sexist and abusive language caught on film, aired in an explosive 60 Minutes investigation.

“These comments have quite rightly cost me my job,” Mr Somyurek said in a statement.

Regardless, attention will now turn to the allegations of branch stacking and misuse of taxpayer-funded staff.

Those claims have been referred to Victoria Police and IBAC for investigation.

If the allegations are proven, 3AW Drive host Tom Elliott said Mr Somyurek could not be the only person implicated.

“I don’t know about you, but I find it very, very hard to believe that Adem Somyurek was Robinson Crusoe here, that he was a lone wolf and nobody else in the parliamentary Labor Party, either state or federal, that nobody else knew anything about his alleged activities,” Tom Elliott said on Monday.

“I find that laughable.

“If Adem Somyurek was able to assemble this power base that he allegedly has, then other MPs must have known what he was doing.”

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