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Laura V’s list of 9 festive foods you should NOT feed your dog this Christmas

We all like to enjoy a lovely Christmas lunch and it’s only normal the family pooch gets a little nibble under the table!

But as Laura V, 3AW resident animal expert and author of Dognitive Therapy says, there are certain festive foods that dogs definitely should not indulge in.

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Laura’s list

  1. Some people are still surprised to learn things like avocado can be toxic
  2. Garlic and onions are the no brainers
  3. Stone fruit, if your dog gets a hold of the pip, they can be really toxic
  4. Raisins, so fruit cake is definitely off the menu for your dog
  5. Grapes can also be toxic
  6. Cooked bones, lots of people still feed their dog cooked bones, they can splinter and puncture the digestive system of your dog. And instead of a enjoying a lovely Christmas lunch you’ll be off to be emergency vet!
  7. And heavy, salty, fatty foods, like gravy, will probably come out the other side within the next 30 minutes
  8. Chocolate of course
  9. Coffee, tea or alcohol

“Please don’t give your dog a beer this Christmas!” Laura said.