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Laurie Oakes weighs in on the US election

We’re just days from the US election.

Channel Nine’s Political Editor Laurie Oakes is in the US and says Australia should be concerned. 

He tells Neil Mitchell a Trump victory could put Australian Free Trade agreements in danger. 

‘Donald Trump is a candidate like no other’.

‘Every second building (in New York) has his name on it,’ says Oakes. 

The FBI won’t be charging Hillary Clinton over the new emails disclosed a few days ago.

‘It might be good news, but the headlines will remind people as to why they were suspicious of Clinton,’ says Laurie. 

‘Hilary Clinton is likely to win, she is ahead in the poles… But I’m not going to be very surprised if Trump comes through’.

If Trump wins the election, Laurie Oakes says it will be a ‘disaster’.

The election results will revealed Wednesday afternoon (Australian time).

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