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Lawyer X bombshell: Faruk Orman acquitted, starting ‘heaven-knows-what’

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Faruk Orman has had his murder conviction overturned in the wake of the Victoria’s Lawyer X scandal.

Orman, who has always maintained his innocence, has spent 12 years in jail for the 2002 murder of underworld figure Victor Peirce.

But the Court Of Appeal today acquitted him of the murder, finding that there was a “substantial” miscarriage of justice because Orman was represented by police informer Nicola Gobbo.

“It is a massive decision.”
“This was seen as something of a test case. This could be the beginning of heaven-knows-what.”
– Neil Mitchell

The barrister who appeared for Faruk Orman at his trial and committal, Robert Richter QC, told Neil Mitchell he is “delighted”.

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