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LAWYER X: Why Sly was left ‘fascinated’ by Nicola Gobbo’s testimony

sly of the underworld

Sly Of The Underworld says he was left fascinated by Nicola Gobbo’s performance at the Lawyer X Royal Commission.

John Silvester said she showed “no sign of real contrition” and the lack of usual formality to proceedings was “almost funny” at times.

But Sly said he was impressed by the line of questioning from Chris Winneke QC, who got Ms Gobbo to open up about her life before she became a lawyer.

“Nicola Gobbo did well to apply to be a lawyer, because she would not have got into the police force with her background,” Sly said on 3AW Breakfast.

Sly went on to share a story about the time he was outside court when news filtered through that a drug squad detective had been charged with corruption.

“In a great bit of theatre, she (Gobbo) was clapping her hands and said ‘I hope it’s that (Wayne) Strawhorn, that (expletive deleted),” Sly explained.

“I thought – ‘God, you hate that Strawhorn, don’t you?’ – it was a really indiscreet for a lawyer to do it.”

It turned out she’d been informing to Strawhorn once a week.

“She had me sucked in, I’ll give you the tip,” Sly said.

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sly of the underworld