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LBW review costs Pakistan one run in peculiar rule quirk

A quirk of the rules has cost Pakistan a run in the first innings of the Boxing Day Test.

Younis Khan was struck on the pad by Josh Hazlewood shortly after lunch, with the ball running down to fine leg.

The batters took a leg bye, but Younis was given out LBW.

The wicket was then overturned on review.

The ball was declared dead, which meant that the run did not stand.

Test legend Ian Chappell said he doesn’t understand why Pakistan should lose the run.

‘It’s a genuine run,’ he said.

‘You’d be cranky if you got out next ball.’

Former bowler Damien Fleming was similarly bemused.

‘If you hook one down to fine leg and get caught, but it’s called a no ball, you’d want to get the runs,’ Fleming said.

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