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Leading epidemiologist says COVID-19 is NOT taking off in Victoria again

A leading epidemiologist says while Victoria’s all-time high figure of 732 coronavirus cases on Thursday is “concerning” it is not evidence that the virus is taking off again.

Professor of Epidemiology at the University of NSW, Marylouise McLaws, who is also a member of a WHO expert panel on COVID-19, says outbreaks in aged care and among health workers explain yesterday’s high number.

Neil Mitchell: “I think we all felt we were getting somewhere and then we got 732 cases… are you saying these figures are not evidence it’s taking off again?”

Professor McLaws: “Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying. This is not evidence that it’s taking off again in the community.”

Professor McLaws said abattoir outbreaks are the cases she’s most concerned about in Victoria.

“You had some cases in meatworks … they’re the worrisome ones because they’re suggesting that you still have some in the community,” she told Neil Mitchell.

“They’re the ones that I’m concerned about.”

Professor McLaws said she would not advocate for a tougher lockdown unless coronavirus numbers within the general community spike.

“They’re not at the moment,” she said.

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