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Leading health boss’s plea to defiant CBD protesters

A leading doctor suggests anyone who attended Saturday’s protest should self-isolate for the next two weeks.

Thousands ignored the very clear health advice and our state’s social distancing rules by attending the Black Lives Matter protests, sparking concern of a second wave of COVID-19.

The President of the Australian Medical Association has implored caution.

“They should really think about what they’ve done over the weekend,” Dr Tony Bartone told Ross and John.

“No matter how much hand sanitizer, no matter much the masks were being worn, for those periods of time there is a risk of the virus passing.

“If everyone was wanting to keep the rest of the community safe, anyone who attended those rallies really should stay home and keep away from the rest of the community for at least two weeks.

“More importantly, if they develop any symptoms they need to get tested immediately.”

Dr Bartone also endorsed Ross’s point that “they also need to understand they can be infectious while being asymptomatic”.

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