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Leading NRL figure Darryl Brohman says Mitchell Pearce needs a year off

Leading NRL commentator Darryl ‘Big Marn’ Brohman has called for disgraced rugby league star Mitchell Pearce to take a year away from the game.

The Sydney Roosters captain is in hot water after footage surface showing him urinating on himself and simulating a lewd act with a dog.

‘I’m starting to think he does need 12 months out of the game just to get a grasp on reality, what life’s really like,’ Brohman told Neil Mitchell on Thursday.

‘He clearly shouldn’t drink.

‘The times he’s got himself into deep trouble, alcohol’s been a common denominator.’

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Neil Mitchell said NRL players’ indiscretions seem significantly worse than those of their counterparts from other codes.

‘That’s basically sick.

‘AFL people do some stupid things but … that’s just another level.’