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Leading obesity expert stands up for controversial dieting app for kids

Weight Watchers has come under fire for launching a weight loss app aimed at children aged eight to 17.

The app, Kurbo, is currently only available in the US, but there are plans to launch it globally.

Leading obesity expert from the Baker Institute, Professor John Dixon, stood up for controversial app.

“We have this idea that dieting or giving health advice to children and adolescents is somehow demeaning and wrong, and might cause eating disorders,” he told 3AW’s Tom Elliott.

“It’s not.”

Professor Dixon commended the app for reducing the stigma associated with obesity.

“This program talks about eating behaviours, eating choices, it does mention weight,” he said.

“We want children with weight problems to not be stigmatised, to be proud to stand up and say ‘yeah, I do need to prevent further weight gain.”

Professor Dixon said many parents are incapable of addressing childhood obesity on their own.

“Obesity is a problem,” he said.

“Parents with obese children are worried.

“They need help.”

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