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Leading psychologist blames post natal depression

A leading psychologist has told Tom Elliott it’s conceivable that a mother suffering from post natal depression could easily forget they have left an infant in the car.

3AW Drive received a call last week from Dominic who said he had spotted a two year old child locked in a car while the mother was supposedly running.

Dr Simon Kinsella, clinical psychologist, told Tom Elliott that if left untreated post natal depression could result in lapses in memory.

‘Concentration gets so affected, they could be thinking about something separate,’ Dr Kinsella said. ‘It does go undiagnosed sometimes, it can look like an anxiety disorder rather than depression.

Dr Kinsella said that other symptoms of post natal depression include panic attacks, general anxiety, abrupt mood swings, fatigue and poor concentration.

Anyone experiencing symptoms of depression can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14. 

Listen to Tom Elliott speak with Dr Simon Kinsella, Director CP Consulting and Clinical Psychologist