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The ‘major concern’ the retail union has about Chadstone’s COVID-19 Christmas plan

Chadstone Shopping Centre will look very different this Christmas, but the retail workers union says there’s a “major concern” with the shopping centre’s COVID-19 reopening plan.

Neil Mitchell has been sent a leaked document outlining the reopening plan.

The plan includes reduced trading hours, more security to police social distancing, and more frequent cleaning.

The 34-hour overnight Christmas trading period will be ditched.

Queuing will also be banned in most of the shopping centre, and workers will have their temperature tested daily.

National secretary of the Shop Distributive and Allied Employees’ Association (SDA), Gerard Dwyer, said the union approves of much of the plan, but there’s one “major concern”.

“A major concern in our mind in relation to the control of numbers going in to the centre,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“That’s, to me, a significant omission.

“It’s critical that we get the shopping centres right.”

Mr Dwyer also questioned why only workers will have their temperature tested when arriving at Chadstone.

“Why isn’t everyone going into that centre also having their temperature checked? The technology is there, it’s simple,” he said.

See the full plan HERE.

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