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Leaked report reveals a decade of drug abuse, lies and deceit at the West Coast Eagles

A decade of drug abuse, lies and deceit has been revealed at the West Coast Eagles.

Details from a 2008 report by retired Supreme Court Judge, William Gillard, which was never released by the AFL, has been published in the Herald Sun.

The report revealed widespread use of illicit drugs and detailed the club’s attempts to cover it up.

But why’s it taken so long to be made public?

‘The AFL wanted it to be kept secret,’ Jon Anderson told Ross and John.

‘Andrew Demetriou was desperate for it not to be revealed.’

Ando said it was a sad story.

‘To me, it always seemed there was not enough done to uncover what was going on,’ he explained.

‘It’s just an extraordinary story of a time when you’d hope that clubs can do the best they can for players, that’s not about winning premierships, it’s about those blokes becoming healthy members of society, which some of them aren’t.

The revelations came just one day after Ben Cousins appeared in court.

His lawyer, Michael Tudori, said Cousins had turned the corner and wants to go to rehab to get the help he needs.

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