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Leather Jacket Man arrested in Sydney — or was he?

The scam artist Ross and John named the ‘Versace Leather Jacket Man’ has been arrested in Sydney.

Or has he?

He first came to our attention on 3AW Breakfast last year when Glenn Robbins told us about his experience with the scam artist, who tricks people into thinking he’s selling high-end leather jackets at low prices.

More recently, he claimed to be the marketing director for Italian fashion house Versace when he allegedly approached customers in Bunnings car parks across Sydney offering genuine leather jackets at heavily discounted prices.

Click PLAY to hear Ross and John cross to 2GB Sydney’s Josh Bryant for the latest on the arrest

With news Leather Jacket Man had travelled north, Ross and John put out the call to listeners to see who had dealt with the alleged scammer most recently in Melbourne.

In response, they received a flood of business cards from various locations from Rosebud to Middle Brighton.

But most interestingly, is that at least two listeners reported seeing Leather Jacket Man in Melbourne – North Balwyn and Brighton – in the past two days.

So is Sydney’s Leather Jacket Man a different Leather Jacket Man altogether?

Ross and John have compiled the below gallery of business cards their listeners have been presented in their encounters.

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