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Legal expert weighs in: Does Trump have a chance of reversing the election result?

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Donald Trump has refused to accept his election loss to Joe Biden, insisting he will prove that he is the true winner in court.

Mr Trump has suggested postal poll fraud is to blame for his loss.

But law professor at Georgetown University in Washington DC, Paul Smith, says he doubts there will be any change to the presidential election result.

“He’s been trying to figure out every which way he can to try to slow this process down and prevent himself from losing,” he told Ross and Russel.

“The problem with legal challenges is you have to have some basis for them … and he really hasn’t found anything significant.”

Mr Smith said Supreme Court justices likely resent Mr Trump’s insistence that he can and will take his case directly to the country’s highest court.

“He definitely needs to start at the bottom court. The Supreme Court does not take cases directly,” he said.

“I’m sure that the justices Donald Trump nominated would really rather not get involved at this point and probably rather resent the suggestion that they’re in his pocket.”

Mr Smith says he’s confident the election result won’t change, but formally selecting Mr Biden as US President is likely to be a lengthy process due to Mr Trump’s efforts to complicate the process.

“I’m not expecting anything that will change the course of the process. The process itself, even without the legal challenges, can take over several weeks to formally certify the result,” he said.

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