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Legionnaires outbreak in CBD may have been caused by cooling systems

92 buildings will be disinfected in Melbourne’s CBD after an outbreak of Legionnaires disease. 

Three men and two women have been released from hospital after becoming infected in the last week of March and first week of April. 

Each person is aged between 51 and 71, and contracted the disease after visiting the city. 

Speaking on 3AW Drive, Victoria’s Deputy Chief Health Officer, Dr Finn Romanes, said the infections may have been caused by cooling systems. 

‘They’re all mapped; we know where they all are’

‘When we get intelligence from interviewing people who are confirmed to have Legionella or are highly likely to have it, we can map where they have been in the 10 or so days before, overlay all of those exposures, and try and figure out the area there has most likely been an exposure’, he said.

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