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Legislation introduced to regulate rideshare services.

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The Victorian state government has introduced legislation to regulate rideshare services.

A controversial $2 per trip levy would be introduced to go towards funding a 500 million dollar taxi compensation package.

State Transport Minister, Jacinta Allan, told 3AW Drive providers will have to choose how they pass on the levy.

‘The providers (uber, taxi, hire-cars) will have to determine whether to pass it on to consumers or raise it through their own means.’ she said.

The state opposition has indicated it won’t support the $2 levy.

Shadow Minister for Public Transport, David Hodgett on 3AW Breakfast

Minister Allan said she’s willing to negotiate with the cross bench to pass the legislation.

‘There is obviously a number of other parties in the upper house, the Greens political party, a number of cross-benchers who with their support we would be able to see this legislation introduced and passed.’ she said.

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