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Leigh Matthews says he can see similarities between the Hawks and Lions

Leigh Matthews can see a lot of similarities between Hawthorn’s post-premiership blues and the ones he suffered at the Brisbane Lions.

Since winning three premierships in a row in the early 2000s, the Lions have failed to get back to that consistent form and worry the top sides. 

Leigh says what he is seeing at Hawthorn is all too familiar. 

‘As a football club, we [the Lions] failed the post premiership era to regenerate,’ he said on Sportsday. 

‘Same names, still premiership players, just not producing.

‘And that’s what is happening with Hawthorn.’

He says despite the aging group of Burgoyne, Gibson and Hodge, they are still good enough to be competitive. 

‘The last couple of weeks they haven’t got the best out of their personnel.

‘They are losing hope, and all of a sudden losing energy and becoming really non-competitive.’ 

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