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Leo Sayer joins Denis Walter in studio… and takes over!

in studio with denis walter

Grammy Award-winning, chart topping musician Leo Sayer joined Denis Walter today… and took over!

“This is Leo Sayer on 3AW … It’s my turn now!,” 3AW listeners heard straight out of the break.

“I’m here to interview a wonderful chap on the radio, he’s been a friend of Melbourne for many years.

“Denis Walter, this is your life!,” the British entertainer said.

Leo asked Denis what the biggest disaster he’s ever had in studio was.

“Cillian Murphy,” Denis said.

“He just seemed disinterested in doing any interviews about a movie. He sat in the studio and we had Sky News on a monitor in the corner, and Cillian just stared at that monitor and didn’t look at me once!”

But the 3AW Afternoons host wasn’t too keen on being interviewed.

Leo only got three questions in before Denis cut the interview short.

“I can’t stand being interviewed!” he said.

Press PLAY below to hear how the whole thing unfolded.

in studio with denis walter