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‘Let’s debate it’: Neil Mitchell raises local cop’s insights into decriminalising ice

UPDATE: The head of a leading drug and rehabilitation clinic has welcomed a Geelong police officer’s calls to revive debate about decriminalising ice.

Senior Sergeant Tony Francis, who heads the ice taskforce in town, says demonising illicit drugs makes them more desirable.

Matt Noffs, CEO Of the Noffs Foundation, welcomed the debate and said the focus should be making ice ‘unsexy’ just like heroin.

‘What we currently do is not the answer,’ he said.

Mr Noffs said he believed Australia was ‘heading that way’ to decriminalise drugs, particularly ice. 

Should ice and other drugs be decriminalised? Share your thoughts below.

Neil Mitchell posed the question on 3AW Mornings, after a report featuring Sen Sgt Francis in the Geelong Advertiser.

‘He says this idea is so radical, it might work,’ Neil said.

‘What he is suggesting is the manufacturing and distribution of ice through clinics would make it safer, it would cut out what he calls the underbelly, or crime out of the industry.’

But later it was revealed police command had ‘gagged’ Sen Sgt Francis from appearing on 3AW Mornings.

Neil Mitchell said it was ‘baffling’ he wasn’t allowed to make any further comment about his insights.