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LGBTI activist sparks fiery debate on 3AW Mornings

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An LGBTI activist says Margaret Court should have her name stripped from the Melbourne Park arena named in her honour after her “toxic” comments about same-sex marriage.

Michael Barnett told Neil Mitchell the Australian tennis great had shown a lack of respect for all members of society.

Mrs Court sparked controversy this week after she announced she’d be boycotting Qantas where possible due to the airline’s “promotion” of marriage equality.

Mr Barnett said Mrs Court was entitled to her “unenlightened” view.

“But I don’t think her name is a name that needs to be on a tennis stadium, because she’s putting out toxic views,”  he said on 3AW Mornings.

“I’d put the name of somebody who respects all people.

“I’d probably put the name of an indigenous Australian because they don’t get enough recognition in society.”

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Mr Barnett then got personal.

“She’s entitled to boycott Qantas, but she can also then boycott Virgin or Tiger or whoever else and she’ll find she won’t be flying anywhere except on her broom,” he said.

Neil Mitchell asked Mr Barnett multiple times if he wanted to retract the insinuation he’d called Mrs Court a witch, which he declined.

He later rang back 3AW Mornings to withdraw the comment on the basis that it “could be construed as violence against women and any such language should be withdrawn immediately.”

The interview sparked a massive response, with several callers voicing passionate opinions.

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