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Liberal MP Andrew Laming’s ideas to lift the education system

Teachers are ‘trapped’ in a cycle of unpaid work where they are not rewarded for high performance, Liberal MP Andrew Laming says.

The Queensland MP shared with Neil Mitchell in the Ideas Factory how to better educate the next generation and lift the standards.

A recent report showed one in 20 new teachers registered to work in classrooms have struggled with a compulsory test on basic literacy and numeracy.

But Mr Laming said teachers who are the state’s highest performers should be rewarded.

‘Our most high performing teachers aren’t in the most disadvantaged areas where they could be making the biggest difference,’ he said.

‘Increasingly high performing teachers are finding themselves looking after highly selected students often in elite schools nad they take smart kids and they graduate smart kids.

‘They are trapped in a system where they do increasing amounts of work from home and completely unpaid, and they are not rewarded for doing it, many do it, some don’t.

‘There should be a small amount of money that follows the schools that do incredible things.’

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