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Liberal MP David Southwick left shaken after alleged assault

A Liberal MP says he was left shaken after a man allegedly tried to punch him while campaigning at a Glen Huntly supermarket on the weekend.

The alleged incident, which is under police investigation, happened while member for Caulfield, David Southwick, was packing up after handing out shopping bags on the campaign trail yesterday.

Mr Southwick told Neil Mitchell the man was part of a group of what he believes were union campaigners.

“This particular individual moved into our space, and started really having a go at me,” he said.

He claims the man was wearing a union t-shirt at the time and said it escalated quickly.

“He lunged at me, and took a swing at me, of which I stepped back, and it was certainly towards my face,” he said.

“It was quite forceful.

“It shook me up, and I was taken by complete surprise. It’s something we should never expect.”

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Photo: AAP