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Liberal Party strategist says Malcolm Turnbull needs to learn to ‘shut up’

A Liberal Party strategist says Malcolm Turnbull is suffering from ‘self-inflicted wounds’ and it will be his own fault if he loses the Federal election.

He’s given Neil Mitchell a simple three-point checklist for the Prime Minister.

The latest NewsPoll has Labor in front in popularity for the first time since Mr Turnbull took over from Tony Abbott.

Toby Ralph said on 3AW Mornings Turnbull only had himself to blame.

‘Sometimes the most useful thing a government can do is be quiet and sometimes the most useful thing a Prime Minister can do is shut up,’ he told Neil Mitchell.

‘He’s suffering from self-inflicted wounds at the moment.’

So, he came up with a three-point checklist for Mr Turnbull to follow…

  1. ‘Should I say something? Or can I just shut up?’
  2. ‘If I need to say something – can it be innocuous? Or must it be a big idea?’
  3. ‘If it’s got to be big idea ? then has it been well thought through, developed and is it going to be popular?

‘If the answer is no to any of those things, then go back to point 1 and shut up,’ Mr Ralph said.

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