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Liberty Victoria heads whacks Labor over ‘random slurs’ in attack ad

The president of one of Victoria’s leading civil libertarian groups has decried the ALP’s latest attack ad.

The ad links opposition leader Matthew Guy to series of federal government cuts.

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“We already have one Liberal screwing over Victoria, do we really want two?” the ad’s narrator said.

“Nearly everything in that ad had nothing to do with Matthew Guy. It’s just a dirty attack ad.”
-Neil Mitchell

Liberty Victoria’s Jessie Taylor, a regular guest on Neil Mitchell’s Out Of Left Field series, said

“This kind of political advertising drives me insane,” she said.

“What we did not hear in that ad was anything that the ALP actually stands for, what they propose to improve in the lives of Victorians if they continue in government.

“There’s just not sense of positive policy, foresight, imagination (or) planning.

“Fair criticism is one thing, but those kind of random slurs not backed up by anything are another thing.”

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