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Life during COVID-19: Ross is contributing to Victoria’s coronavirus memory bank, and you can too!

The State Library of Victoria is calling for help to put together a record of life in the time in COVID-19 for future generations.

The library is calling on Victorians to submit journals, pictures, shopping lists, receipts, and other mementos of this strange time.

Ross is submitting his ’19 in 21′ COVID-19 journal which he put together with some help from his kids, to the memory bank.

In it is this message from his eight-year-old son:

“I feel scared because everyone is panicked. The coronavirus is bad because it kills people but some people survive which is good. I don’t like it because so many people talk about it.”

Ms Fraser said Ross’s son’s message is exactly the kind of content the library is looking for.

“The best records are always very specific and contain detail and so I think that your son has done that perfectly,” she said.

If you’d like to contribute, the library is accepting submissions to the memory bank via:

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